day 2 – ooouch

Alrighty – my feet are pretty tender. They feel sunburned on the bottom and tingly. The blisters hurt but aren’t horrible.  I recently learned that the soles of the feet are as sensitive as the lips! My feet don’t really hurt too terribly bad – as long as I don’t walk on them.  I’d recommend anyone new to barefoot locomotion that you start more slowly than I did.  I just get so excited about things.

Huaraches kit from will be here soon.  So will the book I ordered. The I will get a barefoot running lesson from a dear friend and I should be good to go. It’s weird to me that I am so excited about this. I don’t get excited about exercise. Maybe this isn’t just exercise?


day 1 video blog

first day barefoot

Last night I knew I would wake up and start toughening my feet by walking barefoot. I woke to a beautiful day here in Seattle so I decided to walk to the neighborhood QFC grocery store.

It is .9 miles one way from my house.  That’s basically a two mile walk barefoot on mostly pavement.

It felt weird being out barefoot. I felt naked and overly casual even though everything else I had on was nice – linen pants, a bright yellow t-shirt, cuff bracelet, ring, and a hat.

Immediately I noticed that when my heel hit first I got a jarring sensation in my back, all the way up my spine. So I started to step more on the front of my foot. The more I walked the more I realized I don’t know how to walk!

I kept experimenting with different foot placements and strikes. When I found what felt like a good foot position it felt like I was pretending to be an elf sneaking around the neighborhood. I felt springy and lithe. But not like I was walking right.

Several things I noticed walking barefoot:

  • The muscles on the back of my body were more engaged – butt, calves, low back
  • My feet felt spread out, especially the toes
  • The straighter I stood, the easier it was to walk
  • My stride was shorter
  • my legs were more directly under me, almost like they were behind me, instead of in front of me
  • I pushed-off more rather than pulled myself forward
  • My feet adapted to the variations in the ground and gripped and moved and spread independent of my thinking – like they have a mind of their own

Being a BodyMind expert I have always thought of myself as quite embodied, especially compared to the average person. Walking barefoot I realized how unintegrated I am and how cut-off I feel from my lower half.

I did get blisters – on the outside edge of the sole of my foot where my foot was hitting the ground most. I’ve never had blisters here. On the way home my feet were tingling in a slightly painful way.

Here are my feet after two miles on my first day: The top one is my left foot and the bottom is the right that I flipped in the photo editor so it looks like a left foot 🙂

I think the strangest thing of all is how peaceful I feel. I noticed it on the way home. I felt a calm and spaciousness and, well, peace, come over me. It wasn’t from the exercise. I can guess it comes from being more in touch with the earth. Or maybe it has to do with the pressure points in the feet getting stimulated?

I’m not sure what it is. But that feeling alone makes me want to keep doing this.